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Our Story

Ever since we were kids, we've been working as a team. Our first job was delivering newspapers. Our second job was mowing lawns. People liked to hire us because there were two of us, so we got things done in half the time.

The truth is, storytelling is in our blood. We grew up just outside of Philadelphia in a big, working-class Irish/Italian family. Most nights were spent around the dinner table- spinning stories, crafting characters, arguing politics and, most importantly, getting laughs. In a world like that, when it’s your time to speak, you’d better have something good to say.

We think being twins and growing up telling stories has made us pretty darned good at what we do. We’ve had a strategic advantage since birth and it’s propelled us to success in the television industry. We made TV separately for 15 years, with Tim buying shows as a network executive, and Mike selling shows as a producer. Together we amassed 30 years of television experience, and in only half the time. Now we're using the same business strategy that once made us the neighborhood's most popular paper boys to launch a lifelong dream.

Ugly Brother Studios, a next-generation content creation company, combines the talents of a seller with the savvy of a buyer to produce innovative business models, a super fun production experience, and -- most importantly -- great television.

Our Team

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